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1- What is Micropigmentation/Microblading?


2. What is the difference between the two procedures ?

The only difference is the tool used to perform the procedure

Microblading: (Also a type of Micropigmentation) hand tool is like a pen with a very fine “micro-blade” that creates the hairstrokes.

Micropigmentation: Electric device where a needle is used to perform the technique.

[ Carolina works with both tools, and together with the client we will decide which technique will best suit you, considering important points for the best desirable result in each individual case ]

3- What is the difference between MICROPIGMENTATION X TATTOO?

There are two main differences :


MICROPIGMENTATION: Is performed in the papillary dermis, which is a superficial layer of the dermis, because this layer is superficial, the pigment is more easily degraded and cleared by the body itself, this is why you need to refresh, redefine and color boost the procedure periodically.

TATTOO: The pigment is implanted in the reticular dermis, a lower layer of the dermis with the purpose of having an eternal durability on the skin.


2) THE PIGMENTS: The micropigmentation pigments (ink) has the colorimetry application that is totally different from conventional tattoo ink, aiming for more suitable, faithful and natural color tones, imitating a more natural eyebrow color.

4. Will I have a consultation first?

I do not offer consultations, when you make your appointment a form will be sent to you where I can be integrated about everything I would need to know about your concerns and your health history, plus the appointment is booked with enough time for us to have a chat where I will give a full explanation about the whole procedure.


5. Will my natural hairs be removed?

The goal is to keep as much of your natural hairs as possible to make it blend with the new technique chosen.
Only the unnecessary hairs will be plucked/shaved or trimmed.

6. Will I need the TOUCH-UP ?

• Firstly the touch-up is not done to correct mistakes and redo the entire job, this is done for a complementary treatment and is completely normal and expected in Semi Permanent makeup.
• The follow up appointment also increases the longevity of your Semi Permanent makeup.
• However, in some cases clients are happy with the results from the first session as they had great color retention and only came again for annual maintenance.



7- Does the procedure hurt?

Two topical anaesthetic creams are applied, which will allow me to perform the procedure with great ease for the client,
you might feel minor discomfort if any at all.

8. How long does the procedure takes?

Initial session: +- 2.5 Hrs
Touch-up between 40 to 90 days: 30-60 min

9. What will my eyebrows look like after the procedure?

• The first few days it is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL the eyebrows appear darker because the skin will be in the process of regeneration and in a few days the color will start to lighten up. 

10. How long does the Micropigmentation last?

Semi permanent makeup is designed to fade over time, but once we introduce ink into the skin, there is no guarantee how long it will last or take to completely fade or vanish, but there is an average which is from +- 8 months to 3 years which can vary per client( skin conditions, life styles, organism etc) and how many sessions you have had.



11. Is it possible to change a lot of the design and color from my natural eyebrows?

I as a professional artist have the responsibility and care with my all clients, your eyebrows/lips with the Micropigmentation done by me will be my signature, and my signature will always be as natural and beautiful as possible. ?

It’s highly predictable that if we turn away from your own natural characteristics the final results can be terrible, as we often see women that have unsightly procedures, incorrect shapes and color made by inexperienced artists that only want your money.
I will always respect your opinion and preferences and I’m here to help you make the best choice for your face and leave you feeling as confident and happy as possible.
I ask my clients to trust in my professional advice from many years of experience and expertise, and together we will decide the best technique for you.

I reserve the right to not carry on with the procedure if I know that it will not look nice in the future:
• Change the structure of the design much, like thickening/arching/extending or raise the tail too much to try give the lift effect, I just improve some strategic points to enhance the shape for your face.
• Using a much darker color than the client’s natural eyebrow color.

Remembering that:
Micropigmentation does not replace makeup.
If you are looking for an extremely defined shape, very bold and much darker than your natural eyebrows color, I am definitely not the right artist for you, I pride my self on my work being natural, soft and elegant.

Micropigmentation does not replace aesthetic procedures such as filling, botox and plastic surgery, each procedure has its own correct purpose and the wrong attempt to try to get the result from one another can be totally unsightly and disastrous.
It’s very important to understand real expectations between the desired results.

12 - What could i expect at my appointment

Step by Step:

Welcome to my Studio :

– Anamnese form will be given to you, please read carefully and answer all the questions, this document is for your own safety
– Pictures from the before
– I will start the procedure with a design totally exclusive to you, starting with facial mapping where I use techniques that will best suit the shape of your eyebrows according to your facial structure combined with visagism, resulting in symmetry and harmonization to your face and correcting the flaws of your eyebrows.
– Together we will decide which technique will be done depending on what you are looking for and what your eyebrows allow me to do to achieve the desired result
– We will talk about the color choice, which will ALWAYS be the closest to the coloring of the natural hair on your eyebrows
– I only start after your final consent
– An in-depth explanation about the after care
– After care bag is provided
– Photos after the procedure
It’s done, and now you look even more beautiful and harmonic ♥️ 


13 - How do I look after the procedure?

Carolina will explain every detail about how to follow the after care depending your skin type during the treatment and also a kit with instructions will be provided to you to ensure the best after home care ♥️

It’s vital to know the inherent and adverse factors, for satisfactory results it is essential to strictly follow the home care guided by the professional.
50% is the responsibility of the professional in the execution of the procedure and the other 50% is the client’s commitment to aftercare.

14 - I already have my eyebrows done elsewhere,can you fix/ touch-up them?

It’s required that anyone who has had their eyebrows done previously send a clear picture with very good light, without makeup and filters before booking your appointment.
Any client coming to me from a different artist is considered a new client, with the full price being charged.
The touch-up prices are only for existing clients.

15. You cannot do the procedure if you:


– Are under 18 years old;

– Pregnant and/or breastfeeding (exclusive up to 6 months) NO EXCEPTIONS;

– Are currently undergoing cancer treatment;

– Must be off chemotherapy or radiation therapy for 6 months;

– Diabetic (a letter of authorization from your doctor is required);

– Any immune disease (HIV, Hepatitis) as with all invasive cosmetic procedures there are no guarantees about side affects that could indirectly affect your immune system;

– Are taking blood thinning medication or antibiotics, (in some cases a doctors letter could be provided);

– Are currently using Accutane or have used it in the past year;

– Having any activated inflammation;




How should i get prepared prior to my appointment 

– You must not tan your face 1 week prior;
– Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before and after your appointment;
– Avoid excessive caffeine for 12 hours before your appointment (caffeine increases blood flow and it can affect the color retention results);
– Do not take any medication that may thin the blood (Aspirin, Ibuprofen) 72 hours before (contact your doctor first if you are currently on treatment with these types of medications);
– If possible do not come with your eyebrows tinted;
– If you really need to tint your eyebrows, try tint at least 72 hours before your appointment, you will be allowed to tint after 30 days of your procedure;


Aprox 15 Days:

– Try keep your eyebrows as dry as possible;

– Try avoid getting any chemical products on your eyebrows/lips;

– Activities that could make you sweat excessively;

– Tanning

– Swimming, Sauna, Hot steam;

– Picking/Touching the scabs;

Aprox 30 Days:

– Facials, chemical peels, lasers or any abrasive procedures or products that may promote the skin to peel

– Other aesthetic procedures on the face ( Botox, Fillers);

– Long sun exposure;


16 - What should I avoid while my skin is healing?

Sauna, hot steam
Activities that may cause you to sweat excessively
Long Sun exposure
Facials, chemical peels/lasers or any abrasive product that may promote the skin to peel
Other aesthetic procedures on the face (fillers, botox etc.) 

Makeup on the eyebrows
Picking the scabs

17. Payment Method:

The payment at the moment is in CASH or Bank Transfer only.
A deposit fee of £100 is required to reserve the appointment booking.


18- Disclaimer

I reserve the right to not continue with the procedure if I feel the work to be carried out does not meet my professional principles/standards. Example: Color chosen very different from natural, inappropriate design, artificiality …